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IRONCLAD Concepts and Solutions is an experienced driven training company focused on delivering principle-based solutions to clients.  Our experience is gained from not only the military special operations arena but also as current and retired tactical law enforcement operators.  Its founder, Sean Coldiron, served 15 years of his 21 years with the United States Border Patrol as a key leader with the full-time tactical team (BORTAC) in Tucson, Arizona.  Sean served the latter years of his service with BORTAC as the Deputy Commander.  Prior to the U.S. Border Patrol, Sean is a veteran of 2nd Bn / 75th Ranger Regiment.


Our adjunct instructors bring years of experience from law enforcement tactical teams and military special operations.  Our experience combating trans-national criminal organizations and terrorism for over 20 years brings an understanding of the challenges our law enforcement face daily.  Furthermore, our experience operating in different environments provides an insight that is unique within the tactical law enforcement industry.  Our staff effectively bridges the worlds of military special operations techniques and how they apply to the law enforcement tactical environment. 


Our commitment to our clients is to deliver principle-based training solutions that works for all operational environments, we do not deliver gimmicks or theoretical tactics. We deliver training based on what has been tested in the real world environment.






Pistol and Rifle Applications


Leadership Development

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Patrol Officer Tactical Applications

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Small Unit Tactical Applications

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Custom Course


Interested in Hosting a Course?

Want a Customized Course?

IRONCLAD Concepts and Solutions offers agencies who wish to host a course a significant discount! Contact us through the form below and simply let us know what type of training you wish to host and information about training facilities.

Need a customized course?  No problem, we can customize a course for an agency specific or you can host a customized course based on the needs and requirements for your personnel in the region.  Fill out the form below and provide as much detail as possible in the message such as type of training, location, training facilities available, etc.

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