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Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development program is very in-depth and can be provided in a number of tracks.  The most common track is a 3-Day Team Leader Development program which is all academic.  We focus on the pillars of leadership, qualities and attributes of effective leaders and utilize real world experiences and examples to reinforce our learning objectives.  We offer variations of the Team Leader course to include a 5-Day Assault Team Leader Course where we include both academics and live full mission profile evolutions to validate our processes.

We also offer a Command level program that is 4-5 days long based on the requirements of the hosting or requesting agency.  This program is very in-depth academically and will discuss legacy issues that have plagued leaders in law enforcement and we will take a deep dive into current philosophies and what it takes to be an effective leader and commander.  This course will navigate participants through topics such as decentralized control, selection process, planning process,  joint operations, managing operational tempo, force multipliers, specialty programs and training methodologies.  

Our leadership development program is not your typical industry standard TL or Command Course.  In these courses, the instructor does not take on the role of the all-knowing subject matter expert (SME) imparting knowledge to the end users.  The instructor’s role is to establish an environment geared towards higher learning and to share relevant knowledge and experiences and to guide or provoke thoughtful discussions.  It is not the role of the student to sit passively and simply absorb information, it is the student’s role to seek out new knowledge and share relevant knowledge and experiences with the other students. 


Our program is based on experiences gained from leading a full-time unit that operated in arguably the most diverse and challenging operational environment in Law Enforcement.  

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