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Small Unit Tactical Applications

The Small Unit Tactical (SUT) Applications program has several tracks that can greatly enhance your individual skills sets or the unit as a whole.  As with all of our programs, this program is principle-based and the participants will see a common theme weaved throughout all of the tracks.

Hosting Agencies or Agencies seeking unit level training can choose from a variety of tracks such as:

  • Patrolling to include Immediate Action Drills;

  • Tactical Tracking (Man-Hunt);

  • Vehicle Interdictions;

  • Mobility Operations to include Immediate Action Drills;

The above listed tracks are a minimum of 3-4 Day tracks dependent on the needs and requirements.  IRONCLAD-CS can also put multiple tracks together for a 4-5 Day Course or longer dependent on the training objectives.

Our staff possesses decades of real world experience performing these missions in a variety of operational environments in the military and law enforcement.  IRONCLAD's learning approach and an innate understanding of the challenges it presents to law enforcement is a highly valued commodity.

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