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Our CQB program is a principle based approach to solving complex problems.  Based on your needs and requirements this program can be tailored from the base 3-day course where we focus on single-family structures related to high-risk warrants.  We offer more accelerated programs for teams who have rural responsibilities, operate near the border region or need to perform multi-structure raids.

Our more intense blocks are specific to Hostage Rescue or Extraordinary (XO) Deployment - where teams will have to seize a building back from multiple threats as it relates to a Counter Terrorism event.

Our instructors will deliver a very in depth course, we do not present theory based tactics; we focus on the foundation, reinforcing the fundamentals. 


The principle based approach is not a concept or theory, it is based on doctrine and experience.  Our instructors will demonstrate that this approach allows for freedom of action and more importantly, instills initiative based tactics.

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