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Pistol and Rifle Applications

Our Pistol and Rifle Applications program have several tracks hosting agencies can choose from or we can develop a customized course based on your needs and requirements.

  • Level 1 - Pistol (2-Day)

  • Level 2 - Pistol (3-Day)

  • Carbine Applications (3-Day)

  • Combined Carbine and Pistol Applications 3-Day)

  • Special Purpose Carbine / Recce Rifle Applications (4-Day)

Our program focuses on mastering the fundamentals and will challenge the shooter.  Our program includes diagnostics and builds on data obtained from that.  Our tracks are extremely challenging and apply to both patrol level officers as well as tactical. 


If open country requirements are needed, please contact us directly to discuss the logistics required.  All of the instructors for our pistol and rifle applications are very passionate about shooting and most compete all over the U.S.

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