Senior Tactical Operator Course (STOC)

An advanced leadership course for senior, experienced tactical operators; enhancing cognitive processes necessary to lead planning, tactical operations and assist with program/unit management.

Team Leader Development Course (TLDC)

This course equips the leader to design more efficient work models and inspires creative, thoughtful problem solving.  Classroom-based and introspective in nature, this course engages in open and honest dialogue about the complex topics facing leaders.  The course contains proven processes from a variety of sources, including both law enforcement and DoD special operations communities.

Commander Professional Development Course (CPDC)

This course focuses on sound principles of Command and Control (C2).  It is an academic based course and will challenge the attendees intellectually and examine doctrinal processes used across the world.  Tactical Theory will be discussed in depth as well as how to leverage vital intelligence assets and other resources to support tactical operations.

Tactical Applications 101 (CQB) 201 (CQB and VI's)

This course will focus on the main tactical operations such as CQB and Vehicle Interdictions (VI's).  This course is designed for individuals who have a solid foundation of the TTPs for both applications.

Advanced Tactical Applications

This course focuses on advanced tactical operations, primarily with Hostage Rescue and Extraordinary (XO) Deployments related to Counter Terrorism operations.  Tactical Theory thought processes will be challenged, therefore this course is designed for seasoned operators who have a strong foundation in CQB, VI’s, weapons handling and performing complex and dynamic operations.

Advanced Tactical Medical Care Course (ATMC2)

This course is designed to teach non-medical personnel to respond in a tactical or austere environment to life threatening injuries and ailments when trained medical providers are not present. In this four-day course students will learn the principals of tactical combat casualty care as well as some advanced treatment techniques and rescue operations. Students will be taught to manage casualties from the point of injury to evacuation to a higher level of care.


Tactical Air Liaison Officer (TALO)

This is a specific skill and certification course for tactical teams who are integrating small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) into their tactical operations.  This course is not only designed for using those assets, but how to request, plan and coordinate additional manned and unmanned air assets in support of ground tactical operations.

Low Visibility Targeting Team Operations (LVT2O)

This course is designed for both the tactical operators who conduct plain clothes operations and for units who conduct plain clothes operations in a high-threat environment.  This course is based on proven models and processes used overseas and combating Transnational Criminal Organizations domestically.  Intelligence processes, TTLs, legal constraints along with surveillance techniques are the main pillars of this in-depth course.

Specialty Target Interdiction Operations

This is a customized course individually tailored to a specific region or client based on their needs or requirements for conducting operations related to commercial transportation conveyances.

Rural Tactical Operations

This course is designed for tactical teams who conduct operations in a more rural or austere environment, as these operating environments present their own challenges.  This course is customized to the region or specific client.

Tactical Man-Tracking Operations

This course is designed for the tactical teams who have a requirement to conduct man-tracking operations.  This course includes the use of track and trail K9s and how to utilize multiple support assets to maintain operational momentum.  The specifics of “man-tracking” is discussed in this course, but it is NOT a man-tracking specific course

Customized Programs 

IRONCLAD has the unique ability to customize short term and long term programs specifically for the client.  These programs can address a variety specific training requirements at a location specific to the client.  Program development and management can also be provided utilizing our staff of experienced leaders who have developed and managed national level programs.