Advanced Tactical Applications

Course Goal

The purpose of this course is to test seasoned operators’ skill sets through a myriad of tactical scenarios.  At the conclusion of the course the tactical operators will be equipped with a more refined thought process to approach tactical problems.


Course Description

This course is designed for seasoned operators/unit who have a solid foundation in all SWAT/Tactical operations.  This course will be fast-paced and designed to test operator problem solving and refine their skills.  Tactical Theory will be discussed in depth, conventional thinking and approaches will be challenged.


This is a 5-Day Course which includes the following specific topics:

  • Carbine and Pistol Range Work;

  • Rapid Response Planning Processes (R2P2);

  • Breaching Operations;

  • CQB TTPs (Tactical Theory and Applications);

  • Vehicle Interdictions (VI);

  • Other Operations**

    • As required specific to region or hosting agency, specifics will be listed in official announcement​

  • XO Deployment / CT Operations and Considerations;

  • After Action Reviews and Implementing Lessons Learned;


Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency with Carbine and Pistol (Day and Night);

  • Apply the critical elements of the planning processes;

  • Demonstrate Proficiency conducting dynamic operations (Day and Night);


Learning Approach

The course of instruction is designed for instructor and student collaboration.  Tactical Theory and conventional thinking/approaches will be discussed in depth and how they apply to your respective threat environment.  Problem solving and initiative-based tactics will be the focal point of this course.   



Active Law Enforcement, Military or DoD/DoS Contractors, credentials will be verified prior to entry into course. This course is an advanced course and operators will be tested and have to demonstrate proficiency before moving on to live fire iterations.


Equipment and Gear Requirements (minimum, specifics will be provided in course announcement)

  • Primary Weapon (AR or SMG) and 6 magazines with weapon mounted light

  • Secondary Weapon (Pistol) and 4 magazines

  • 1500 rds AR/SMG ammunition

  • 500 rds pistol ammunition

  • 100 rds  / UTM marking ammunition

  • Operational Kit Loadout with armor plates and pouches

  • Eye and Ear Protection

  • Mechanical Breaching Tools

  • Breaching Shotgun (if agency does not have one contact IRONCLAD as we can provide one)

  • Energetic Breaching Supplies and Tools (if your team/unit has this capability)

  • Night Observation Devices (NODs) and weapon mounted IR Lasers/Illuminators

  • Agency issued Gas Mask

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Special pricing available for hosting agencies