IRONCLAD-CS is dedicated to providing clients with proven solutions gained through years of experience combating Transnational Criminal Organizations and our adversaries overseas. Threats continue to evolve both domestically and abroad, and our sole purpose is to prepare current and future generations of homeland defenders to counter these dynamic and complex threats.


Sean Coldiron

Director of Operations

Sean Coldiron retired 2019 as a Watch Commander with the United States Border Patrol.  Sean possesses over 26 years of special operations experience.  Prior to the Border Patrol, Sean served with the 2nd Bn / 75th Ranger Regt.  The majority of his career in the Border Patrol was with the full-time special operations tactical team (BORTAC) based in Tucson, Arizona.  During his tenure with BORTAC, Sean served at every level up to the Deputy Commander position.  In 2007 he established CBP’s Energetics Program and served for 5 years as BORTAC’s Master Breacher.

Sean possesses significant real-world experience combating Transnational Criminal Organizations that were violent, well organized and complex.  Sean’s experience with TCOs led to him establishing and supervising a specialized low visibility targeting team that identified and infiltrated TCOs operating in Arizona.  In 2017, Sean was selected to attend the prestigious U.S.M.C. Aviation Weapons and Tactics Instructor School (WTI).  He holds the honor of being one of only two non-DoD graduates of WTI, earning the title of SME in Command, Control and Communications (C3).  Sean served as the Air Support Operations Watch Commander for the Joint Intelligence and Operations Center-JTF-W.  This provided Sean with valuable experience to leverage multiple aircraft platforms and capabilities in support of law enforcement operations, including manned and unmanned assets.


Throughout his career, Sean has been able to work with and gain knowledge from units across the country, such as our DoD special operations units, FBI HRT, BATFE SRT, USMS SOG and a myriad of full-time metropolitan tactical teams.  These experiences have provided Sean with a unique perspective and training approach that can be applied to all clientele.


Sean’s knowledge and expertise in border violence was manifested through years of leading and executing complex operations in one of the most intense border areas in the U.S. He has a reputation for being innovative, a forward thinker and is highly regarded by those he served with and led.


Cameron is a former Special Operations Combat Medic with the 75th Ranger Regiment who has a decade of experience in Tactical Combat Casualty Care and cutting-edge battlefield medicine. Cameron honorably served as a Ranger platoon medic, a forward trauma team leader and a medical instructor during his time in the United States Army. He has also served as a mobile security detail lead and team medic on a Personal Security Detail (PSD) in active combat zones as a defense contractor.

Cameron works currently as a Department of Defense Flight Medic Team Lead supporting U.S Special Operations Forces / SOCPAC.   He also serves as an adjunct instructor for the Special Operations Forces Austere Care Course (SOFACC) at Ft. Bragg, NC. Cameron has multiple OCONUS deployments with real world experience in Combat Casualty Care, treating sick and injured patients in austere environments and major mass casualty incidents. He is an Advanced Tactical Paramedic (ATP), nationally licensed Paramedic (NREMT- P), Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor and Basic Life Support Instructor.


Jonah possesses almost a decade of special operations experience with multiple combat deployments.  He is also well versed in reconnaissance and low visibility operations.    


Our Adjunct Instructor Staff are selected based on the specific skill sets meeting the needs and requirements of the client.  Our Adjunct Instructor Staff each possess a decade or more of special operations experience in either the military and/or law enforcement communities.  Individual credentials will be provided upon request and/or at the time the course.

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